How It Works


VA Fantasy Sports

STEP 1 - Sign Up For FREE

VA Online Fantasy Sports is open to players in the State of Virginia.  

STEP 2 - Optionally Deposit Funds

Your Deposits are Safe and Secure.  If you just want to play for fun, you can create or join practice games with no entry fee. 

STEP 3 - Join a Game from the Lobby or Create One

Not sure what kind of contest to join?  Here is what you need to know:

  • Salary Cap- As your team's GM you need to craft the best team possible while staying under the league's salary cap.  Mix your high cost studs and low cost sleepers wisely.
  • Pick'em- The most simple path to completing a lineup. No salary cap and fewer players to choose. Pick'ems are quick and easy.  
  • 50/50- A 50/50 is a contest where 50% of the people win and 50% of the people lose. Your goal in a 50/50 contest is  to finish in the top half of the field. If you are in a 100-person 50/50, your winnings will be the same whether you come in 1st or 50th. It is important to remember that when building your lineup. The best strategy is making safe  selections and seeking out good players. You just need to be above average.
  • WTA- Winner Take All: The name says it all. First Place takes 100% of the prize.
  • TOP3- Prize structure is the same as the Olympics.  Make the podium and win! 
  • GUARANTEED CONTESTS-  Looking for guaranteed fun?  Contests marked Guaranteed will run regardless if the contest fills 100% or not.   

STEP 4 - View & Edit Your Lineup Before Game Time & Watch the Results Live

Make Changes to your lineup up until the contest locks at the start of the first game.  During the contest you can see live scoring updates based on your team's performance.

STEP 5 - Earn Cash From the Paid Games You Win

Win real cash or prizes when you win a contest!  Every contest in the lobby has a designated prize pool that can be yours with the right lineup choices.